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I need a Database
You need a system to record work and contacts, retrieve them easily and logically, do calculations, cope with changes in your business.

I don't want more customers - it leads to too much admin
What you need is a system that allows you to cope. That will makes sure quotes from your staff are based on accurate data, invoices are being produced for work done, everything is going as it should.

My business is moving in different directions, and I'm just not coping
A Custom System can evolve with your business, coping with these different directions, never leaving you wallowing in despair.

My great old system can't cope with Windows or more than 1 person using it
Let us move your old system into a multi-user environment, so you and your staff can get to your vital data simultaneously, no hassles or yelling across the office to get out.

Custom systems are far too expensive for a small business like mine
You'd be surprised at how inexpensive they can be. And how much you can save by using one.

We can produce an excellent system for you. Get in touch!