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Excellent Practice for all your Practice Management Requirements

A full PMS (Practice Management System) designed in New Zealand for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists and others in the Allied Health Sector. Facilities available within this package include Patient Details, Multiple Providers, Visit Codes, Electronic ACC, Visit Notes, Appointments, sending Newsletters, emailing and/or Texting Reminders. The aim is to assist you in managing your practice with a minimum of effort and stress, and to permit expansion through smart marketing.

Available for Local Installation, or use our Cloud Computing service to be able to access it anywhere at any time, permitting the use of Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones as well as Android devices. And now you can let your patients book themselves over the internet - check out our easy booking system!

Cut down on your outstanding debtors - patients and ACC both, while saving on paper, postage and time. Check out 'Oh so easy ACC' above to see just how easy preparing and sending claims to ACC can be!

By easily keeping track of patients and visits you have to opportunity to use the marketing and analysis tools we have developed. Grow your practice through newsletters, or letters to sources of referrals. Even simple birthday greetings and reminders, both easy to set up automatically in Excellent Practice, can give your practice that little bit of a boost with patients old and new.

Contact Details are easy to maintain, and display on various screens so you can easily obtain them or check them with the patient. There is also a facility for related persons, so by changing main person's details all subsidiary ones also change.
Notes can have key words to allow marketing to specific groups, such as those participating in specific sports or other activities.
View past and future appointments - and reliability of attendance through our 'Patient Tracking' option, which keeps a record of Cancelled, Rescheduled and 'Did not arrive' appointments.
View invoices and payments, reprinting those at will, or full patient records.
Visit/Date Notes allows for notes to be entered freehand, in SOAP format, or in user-defined format. Printing of these is easy, giving you the opportunity to chuck those boxes of Patient Cards.
Easily email or text individuals by simply double-clicking on their email address/mobile number.
Have multiple providers in your system, each with their own Occupation, Charge Rate and ACC applicability.
Set up the normal times the provider is available, with the appointment lengths, and number of patients per appointment. When a provider is away this can easily be diarised by setting the date range when unavailable.
Use the 'Room' facility to indicate their location(s), or the types of appointments to be made in those times.
Maintain details of Health Providers (GP's and the like), Insurers (including ACC-Accredited Suppliers), Suppliers of your Products and Others
Multiple contacts available per company
Identify their value to you through 'Referred By' analysis
Target them with Marketing using 'Merge Letters'

Separate Financial Entities can be handled within this system, permitting greater flexibility of employment of Providers
Renting of rooms can be made more profitable by being able to use reception to handle more than one financial entity.

Easily create appointments, and new patients
Colour-coded visit types, and providers
Block times, or set a visit to longer than normal time
Set up recurring appointments, move and cancel appointments - and, if you wish, track these to identify problem patients

Weekly diary available for individual providers
Arrival Time can show in the Diary.
Up to 15 Providers can show at one time, with Tabs to allow for many more.
When invoiced appear with '$' in front of name, allowing quick checking that none were missed. Can choose to have tagged with 'P' for Paid as well.
Enter Visit Notes - SOAP form available, free text (set up with user-defined headings, if required) and user-defined forms. Tag with ACC Number for easy selection when printing notes.
If your booking constraint is Room rather than Provider, this may be set in the system.
Rooms can also be used to 'colour-code' appointment times, giving greater flexibility and control for reception.
Invoices and Receipts
Invoices come up with as much default data as is possible, often then just needing to be saved as correct.
Add lines for additional charges - ACC32, Additional for ACC-accredited suppliers
Invoice out product - select more than one at a time
Receipt in advance, catch ups, regular, print out invoices and receipts easily
Each ACC Invoice line is the line used for your ACC47
Prepare ACC47 schedules with two clicks of your mouse, then simply link to the ACC site to upload these
When ACC produce a payment summary download it from their site and have it automatically reconcile against your schedules, then view non-payments for further action
Use screen views or printouts to ensure all entries are being properly claimed and received
Enter ACC 45 Claims in detail and again upload to ACC electronically, or continue with the paper forms and use our 'fast-create' to only enter minimal ACC45 detail in the system
Produce bulk emails, texts, notelets or letters, all personalised to the patients. Use this facility to wish them a happy birthday, let them know your specials
This same facility can be used to send letters to GP's and others in your contacts database, all personalised
Produce your own spreadsheets to manipulate your data and arrange external marketing campaigns
Target people with special interests based on the Patient Notes' key words
Target those who started this year, who have visited this year, who haven't been seen for a while, who have bought particular products or had specific treatment
Sell these either to patients or Cash Customers
Create Stock Sheets for Stock-takes
Purchase Ordering available, with receipting
Enter Instructions of use and have this print out separately to the Invoice
Multi-packs of various products available
Add documents of any type - x-rays, letters, scanned items, photos - easily to a patient's file
Produce your own diagrams of a patient's condition
Picture files appear on Visit Notes for easy reference
Regular Measurements
Set up your own tables of measurements to be taken each visit or periodically
Enter those measurements and easily view progress

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